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Low Bitrate error in Media Center Fixed

Great news, Microsoft has finally fixed the low bitrate error that have plagued so many of us since switching to Windows 7. You can find the details below

On Windows 7 Media Center systems with analog tuner(s), customers may encounter low bit rate overlays.

The mechanism Windows 7 Media Center uses to monitor bit rate (signal) strength is overly sensitive in some scenarios, resulting in false detection of a low bit rate which triggers an overlay.  This update addresses how Windows 7 Media Center monitors the bit rate on systems with analog tuners.

Update for Windows 7 (KB981130)


HP Mediasmart Server 3.0 and my new MAC

I have had my MacBook for almost a week now and I must admit I am in two minds. The hardware is great and everything is well put together but the best part is the amazing multitouch pad. This is the one thing I miss when moving back to my HP 2530p notebook. But I think I have been spoilt with Windows 7, Mac OS is very good and if you get used to the odd thing here and there it’s probably very good but it just isn’t Windows 7. I seem to constantly get myself lost looking for files, and I never quite know where I am in the folder structure (I admit this might be a user training issue) The dock is ok, I seem to want to click on an icon to find all my program windows which are never there it’s just all a little confusing. If I had to recommend a notebook OS to my parents or sister who are all non-technical you just can’t beat Windows it’s just really intuitive. That’s probably why the ultimate solution is a Macbook with Windows 7 running on it :-). 

But anyway getting back to topic, The 3.0 Media Smart Server software gives you an all-new Mac integration client. You get remote desktop for MAC installed and with that a small Home Server Icon at the top of the OS. This allows you to access to windows home server console (as it uses remote desktop), the new HP Client Interface (which is really now a webpage with links) and access to the Time Machine configuration for backups. This all works really well out of the box. The only thing I noticed different to the PC version is that the Time Machine does not backup the OS, it only does files and applications. So you can’t do a full restore from the Home Server, this is a little frustrating but I am sure they will fix this eventually. Otherwise I must admit HP really did a good job on the latest update everything is just cleaner and easier to use than the previous one. Now if I could just find that Amazon S3 Backup utility.